Ivanhoe Library & Cultural Hub



The Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub is the centerpiece of a network of community learning hubs and libraries across Melbourne’s northern suburbs. The hub is located next to Banyule’s iconic art-deco Town Hall in Ivanhoe and will bring community engagement and culture to the heart of area. It also provides a new connection to the existing Council Chamber.

The Library and Learning Space will add value to the precinct as a cultural and community destination with a focus on learning, reading, meeting and art. The hub includes the library, a gallery, artist studio and workshop, makers space, IT lounge, community lounge, meeting rooms, an auditorium, customer service and maternal and child health.

An important vision for the hub is an integrated facility, where different programs and uses overlap and support each other. An example of this is the artist in residence running workshops in the library. The hub will be a dynamic, innovative and adaptable place: keeping options open, able to anticipate community needs, allowing for changes in emphasis and services over time, and able to accommodate emerging service opportunities.

Photography by Dianna Snape