Hume Global Learning Centre



The Hume Global Learning Centre Sunbury endeavors to make a significant and indelible contribution to the Sunbury region. The facility is dynamic, progressive and considered, and in this will act as a powerful signifier of community values and aspirations at the gateway to the Sunbury town centre. The three-level development follows the model for a lifelong learning facility which has been successfully delivered by City of Hume in three other locations. In addition to providing traditional library facilities, the building will support the delivery of both tertiary and vocational education courses. The centre comprises Library, Teaching Spaces, Business Hub, Flexible Multi- Use Meeting and Activity Spaces, Conference / Events space, Gallery/ Museum/ Exhibition Space, Customer Service Centre, Visiting/ Hot Desk and Staff Offices.

The new Global Learning Hub will provide resources and programs for all ages of the Sunbury Community, including;

The Library as the 3rd Space – Along with home life and work/ school life, the library exists as the 3rd space for all of the community, and with this should provide service delivery akin to the scale and comfort of home in lieu of the institutional alternative. Library spaces that are flexible yet defined by their diversity and individuality promoting users to engage with the resources available in a multitude of ways.

Vocational & Tertiary education. The Hume GLC Sunbury will support the community needs for continued vocational, tertiary and life long learning providing facilities that may provide short courses by allied educational providers.

The Multiversity is an un-programmed flexible learning environment suitable for collaboration and the sharing of ideas between allied disciplines.

Young Business Accelerator. The Hume GLC Sunbury will support those brave enough to commit their ideas to the commercial realm, understanding that generation of young local businesses is vital to the growth and ongoing success of this community.

The Museum Gallery provides for community exhibition space that promotes the vitality and creativity of the community as a vital contributor for the basis of learning.