Laurimar Community and Family Centre



The new Community Centre at Laurimar is a multifunctional facility that supports a range of children’s services and community activities. With the close proximity of the town centre and primary school, the Centre provides for much needed services and community spaces in the area. The Laurimar Community Activity Centre creates an integrated hub for all generations and provide resources for community activities. This is supported by a integrated model of service provision. Central to the design of the Community Centre is the provision of environmentally sustainable design. The ESD initiatives include natural ventilation, low VOC materials for improved indoor air quality, high efficiency mechanical systems. The extensive use of internal thermal mass and high performance building envelope means that the building internal temperature is maintained with minimal heating and cooling. The building management system monitors the internal temperatures and lighting control for best energy efficiency and incorporates user feedback.
This new community hub is reflective of City of Whittlesea’s strategic vision and engagement with developers to provide co-located services for children within new housing estates. A primary school, playing ovals, a private childcare centre and future town hall are located right in the town centre, co-existing with 3 storey mixed use buildings on zero plot setbacks, all a result of Delfin’s desire to create a dense town centre and bring the community to the ‘high’ street. This density has the dual benefit of increasing amenity to residents while the a typically ‘urban’ area significant increases sale value to surrounding houses.

Photography by Dianna Snape.


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