Aintree Community Centre



New housing developments are being built throughout the municipality of Melton. These suburbs tend to be a melting pot of new immigrants and young families trying to find affordable housing. An important element of these developments, is the capacity to provide places for these new communities to come together.

The Aintree Community Centre aims to provide this important social element. The centre provides Children’s Services such as kindergarten, long day childcare and maternal and child health. It also provides broader services such as Consulting and Allied health Services and Community Meeting Rooms, 2 large Multipurpose rooms and a breakout space.

This breakout space is highly flexible and be used in conjunction with the 2 Multipurpose rooms to create one large space or closed down to create a quiet seating area co working space. There is also a Library Kiosk, so residents can order books from one of Melton’s City Libraries and they can delivered on their door step.

The Children’s services are carefully arranged around community spaces to create both privacy and incidental interaction for parents 

External landscaped areas are important to support the activities in the Centre. The kindergarten and childcare rooms have play areas carefully designed with native vegetation and natural play spaces. The breakout space opens out onto a covered deck that opens out to a garden area that can be used by the local community.

Photography by Rhiannon Slatter


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