Clare Court Family Centre



The design for the Clare Court Children’s and Family Hub endeavours to provide a Centre that is welcoming and fosters encounters, interaction and connection. The core of the Centre is based around a flexible and active space for activities and a place to meet for all families and children. The entry extends from an outdoor gathering area through to a family gathering area including a multipurpose studio space and kitchen. This opens out to the family produce garden. Activities for families could include meeting space, internet access, produce garden, cooking and gallery space. The Home Bases are the main rooms that each of the children groups will use. While the Studio and central collaborative area of kitchen and produce garden create opportunities for children of different groups or even different ages to interact. The new Home Bases are designed for flexibility for different children groups and numbers. The mix and sizes of rooms will create an integration of different services. The building will endeavour to provide a benchmark for future developments through providing best practice children’s service, inclusion and collaboration of families and staff, community engagement and a significant Centre in the municipality.

Photography by Dianna Snape.


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