Glen Orden Pavilion



The Glen Orden Pavilion is the redevelopment of the existing pavilion and a new extension with improved orientation and facilities. The brief from Wyndham City Council was for the building to be imaginative and innovative to position and orientate the facility to:

  • Achieve best presentation to the community in all possible directions;
  • Recognise the tracking of the sun and prevailing wind directions.;
  • Ensure safe entry exit and traffic management solutions;
  • Address landscaping objectives;
  • Consider long-term operational flexibility when reacting to changing circumstances;
  • Achieve a facility layout that is consistent with good building management practices, providing clear lines of sight for supervision, and creating an operationally safe environment;
  • Provide barrier free access for people with disabilities or special needs;
  • Passive solar design

Photography by Rhiannon Slatter.


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