Wyndham Council Fitout



Wyndham City Council is currently looking at how to better utilise office space and technology to help their organisation become more contemporary, agile and creative. Puzzle Partners have been working with Council and their staff to inform their workplace of tomorrow. The feedback on the current environment indicates that staff are most satisfied with the ability to access colleagues to help resolve and progress things quickly, and having places to meet and collaborate.
Croxon Ramsay’s brief was to use the recommendations of Puzzle Partners to design a new workspace that reflected this thinking. The office accommodation includes open work areas, collaboration space, a quiet room and meeting rooms. No staff in this area, including the CEO have an office or an allocate desk. Workspaces are uniform and lockers provided for staff personal items, While the collaborative space and quote room provide choice to support different activities.
While this is the beginning of the workplace change, it is been sued as a pilot to show the different spaces and forms of working for all staff.